GRADES 5 - 8


Tracks five through eight delve deeply into all subject areas with a focus on independence, critical thinking, and doing one’s best work.


Parts of speech, spelling and grammar, creative and essay writing, emphasis on descriptive writing, genre exploration, reading of classics, interviews, letter writing, poetry

In practice: Authoring hardcover nonfiction books, tooling leather bound pioneer journals, drafting and recitation of poetry, biographies, procedural writing


American and Idaho history, ancient civilizations, world geography and culture, physical geography, government, current events, globalization

Human body investigations, genes and DNA, the periodic table, ocean and stream studies, geology and space sciences, neurotransmitters

In Practice Building native structures, human body models and experiments, country projects including cooking, globalization debates, map exploration, stream studies with water testing and macroinvertebrate collection, soil studies, neurotransmitter skits, physical and chemical change investigations


Decimals, mixed numbers, reciprocals, metric system, percentages, ratios, proportion, estimation, mathematical sentences, equations, geometry, algebraic equations

In practice: Cooking and baking, budgeting and fundraising, building and modeling


Exploration of color and medium, sculpture, form drawing, design, textiles

In Practice Felting, still lifes, batik, clay and paper sculpture, block printing, plaster masks, watercolor, acrylic canvases, collage, pencil and charcoal drawing


Physical Education, Drama, Spanish, Mindfulness, Culinary Arts, Technology, Skiing and Snowboarding, Ice Skating, Swimming, Hiking and Biking


Monthly field trips and outings and a year end class trip to various destinations around the United States. Past trips include: San Diego, Seattle and the Olympic Peninsula, Phoenix and The Grand Canyon, Boston and Coastal Maine, and Washington D.C. and Williamsburg, VA.

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