The Learning Academy offers a myriad of enrichment classes to enhance our students’ school experience


Drama and theatre classes gives our students the opportunity to explore their imaginations, voices and bodies through various theater games and exercises. Research has shown that drama in the primary grades is not only fun, but also an excellent way of increasing self-esteem, communication, problem solving and cooperation. Students focus on skills such as body movement, vocal awareness, and characterization.

Through games, improv exercises, and acting out familiar stories, students build confidence and presence. Students ultimately learn about the use of props, space on the stage and performance through reader’s theater, short scenes, and stage productions.


Creative dance, yoga, and stretching are almost daily foundations in our school. Release and creativity through movement is important to all aspects of physical expression.


From fine motor skills, to creativity, to improved emotional balance, behavior and critical thinking, the arts should be an integral part of any education. At The Learning Academy, we strive to offer our students opportunities to express themselves creatively every day. All grade levels include art courses that incorporate learning about the masters and art history, and delve into art projects using varying mediums – from clay to paint to found objects. All students are artists here.


Our music curriculum combines musical instruments, song and dance. Students in preschool and pre-kindergarten sing and work with rhythm sticks, chimes, bells and drums. Lower elementary students learn to play the recorder and the upper grades may learn the ukulele. In addition, students have a trimester of music class in which they are introduced to various instruments including the guitar, mandolin and banjo. They learn chords, develop an informed appreciation of music through guided listening, and an understanding of music through experiences in singing, playing instruments, performing rhythms, moving to music, and listening.


Living History brings learning about our past to life with hands-on activities that correlate with various events in history. Clothing styles, pastimes and handicrafts are brought in and recreated by students, assisting them in sensing what everyday life was like during certain periods in history. Examples include making beeswax candles, making and carving tools, cutting, tooling and oiling leather journals, constructing a homesteader’s cabin, and making moccasins.


In addition to our regular science curriculum, we offer science enrichment sessions throughout the year. These sessions are experiment-intensive with a focus on solidifying concepts learned in the classroom. Students create chemical reactions, build working machines, lights and motors, blast off rockets, concoct polymers and much more.


Students take part in mindfulness classes and weekly meditation sessions. Benefits include self-regulation, improved focus, and the ability to calm and center busy minds.


Students in all grades take part in cooking projects that range from baking bread to preparing full ethnic meals. Students learn cooking skills, measurement, how to read recipes and prepare ingredients, food safety, and the importance of whole foods, nutrition and balanced diets.