Through a carefully crafted approach to education that borrows from many philosophies, The Learning Academy has been helping Teton Valley students gain confidence in themselves as learners for over 15 years.

Utilizing individualized instruction, we meet each student at their current academic and developmental level, scaffold them, and support them in achieving their own best on a continuum that is uninterrupted by grade level requirements.

Our education goes beyond academics by focusing on the development of the whole child. We strive to develop self-reliant, resilient and morally intelligent children through character education and careful attention to student attitudes and relationships.


  • Students may progress at their own rate and developmental stage, learning on a continuum that is uninterrupted by grade level or curriculum requirements.
  • There is allowance for active, cooperative student learning, child-centered practices and authentic assessment tailored to the individual.
  • Students interact with peers of varying abilities, interests, personalities and ages, promoting involvement, respect and accountability.
  • There is emphasis on individual differences in small, flexible groups.
  • Instruction is designed to develop character and life skills as well as meet academic goals. Integrated curriculum is shared by all grade levels using varying instructional strategies and methods of inquiry.