June 26, 2013


Yellow and Red Explorers

Today we began our morning with some sensory science. We wanted to test our sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing so we divided into two teams, and competed against each other. Our first experiment tested our noses, as we closed our eyes and tried to smell and guess different substances. Next, we used our touch to try to pull to of the same objects out of separate bags. We used our best listening skills to play freeze dance and sit down when we heard the music stop, and finally we tested our sight by guessing the picture Miss Gina was trying to draw on the board. We used our sense of taste throughout the day as we ate our lunches and snacks; sensory science is really fun! After our science projects, we combined with the older campers to head to the Creekside Meadows park. We loved climbing on all the equipment! We spent our afternoon baking some Uh-Oh Oreos, and working on headbands that had pictures of all our favorite sports. We ended our camp day enjoying the nice weather on our own playground. It was a great day at summer camp!

Blue and Green Explorers

This morning we learned how to draw faces.  Then we put our knowledge to the test by sitting across from a friend and trying to draw them.   All the pictures turned out lovely!  After art, we joined up with the younger explorers and went on an adventure to the Creekside Meadows park.  We had so much fun walking over there and playing on the equipment.  In the afternoon we did a science experiment using red cabbage to test the pH level in different liquids. Finally, we painted our faces with war paint and played a challenging game of soccer.  It was so much fun!

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