Our Mission

The Learning Academy of Teton Valley is an independent school in Driggs, Idaho offering pre-school and K-12 education. Our mission is to create an educational experience in an environment where students feel safe, supported, and engaged in their learning process. We encourage learners to work to their full potential, to exhibit independent thought, self-confidence, creativity, and imagination.

Using a thematic, integrated curriculum; character and team building activities; and enrichment activities we work to adapt our teaching to meet each child’s individual needs. Our belief is that because each child is unique, their learning experience should be tailored to them so that they may excel and have great success in school.

Why Families Love Us

  • The authentic learning environment that the staff has created fans the flames of their natural curiosity and makes them excited to learn. The small class size and low teacher to child ratios allow our sons to dig deeper into their learning capacity than we thought possible. The boys are continually challenged, yet supported…Our family cannot thank the staff of the Learning Academy enough for their time, energy, love and education that they have given to our sons.
    Ben and Finn Adams
  • “The Learning Academy means so much to my family. Our son began in preschool and really enjoyed his experience. Miss Halina nurtured all the students’ ability to learn and the next thing we knew our son was reading street signs and didn’t even realize it! We moved our daughter to the Learning Academy in the 4th grade. She was having a difficult time in public school, and after trying really hard, we felt a smaller learning environment was necessary for her academic success. She is thriving! She is a whole new student and is growing as an individual. We feel so blessed to have two children in such a nurturing and loving environment!”
    Porter Collins
  • “We could not be more pleased with our Kindergartener’s social and academic progress at The Learning Academy. Her teachers are very kind, caring professionals and she loves them all. The staff understands that each child learns in different ways and that a “one size fits all” approach does not yield the best results. The individual attention they provide to each child enables them to tailor a program to the child and the results are very impressive. I highly recommend The Learning Academy and the staff to anyone considering options for their child’s education.”
    Brynlee foley 2
  • The LATV has enriched our daughter Gabby’s life. She wakes up looking forward to go to school and when we go to pick her up she never wants to leave! The happy, peaceful learning environment the LATV offers to the children, without a doubt, is why Gabby goes to school there. Gabby is excited to learn, and proud to come home and show us what she has learned. We appreciate the well-rounded education and the desire for excellence.
    Gabby Batchen
  • “My son started going to the Learning Academy for their summer camp and we knew after only a few weeks we wanted him to go to school there. The staff are all amazing and the atmosphere promotes his creativity. He's only been going for a few months now but he is already starting to read words, write, draw and socialize with kids of all ages. He looks forward to going and is full of stories when I pick him up. This is the best decision we could have made for his education.”
    Jackson Udy
  • “Our son is in preschool. He is so excited about going every day. He told us that his favorite thing about school is learning his letters. He practices his writing at home and asks us how to spell all sorts of words. He has already learned so much and we love seeing his joy of learning grow. We are very happy with our choice of sending him to The Learning Academy. “
    Grady Jensen
  • “The Learning Academy has been a fabulous place for our preschooler. The staff are engaging, the curriculum is excellent, and the environment is inclusive and warm. We are so lucky to have a place like the Learning Academy in our community. We love our school!”
    Rider Chircop