June 6, 2013


Red and Yellow Explorers

We started our Thursday morning off with lots of different science projects! We watched as Miss Gina and Miss Kristen made water disappear in a cup right in front of our eyes! Then they sucked a hard-boiled egg into a glass jar using only a little smoke inside the jar. We finished off our morning of science with a few diet coke and mentos explosions in the front of the school. Afterwards, we decided to work on some art, and made our very own tambourines out of paper plates and beads. They sounded great after we were all finished. We spent our afternoon in the backyard. We tried to set up our slides for water play, but it was still a little too chilly to play with them for too long. We stayed busy playing with our friends on the swings and running around enjoying the nice weather. It was a great day at camp!

Blue and Green Explorers

We focused on science a lot today.  This morning we teamed up with the red and yellow squad to do some fun science experiments.  Miss Gina and Miss Kristen used science to make water disappear and also float just by using water tension.  Then we sucked an egg into a bottle using heat.  Our last science project with the younger class was creating a chemical reaction using diet coke and mentos. It was awesome!  We took a break outside and played capture the flag because it is one of our favorite games. Finally, we tried using nickels, pennies, and saltwater to make a battery but just couldn’t get the voltmeter to get a reading.  In the afternoon, we tried setting up the water slides but it was still a little too cold, so we played outside in our swimsuits anyway.  We had a fantastic day!

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