June 5, 2013

Red and Yellow Squad

Today we combined the Yellow and Red Squads again, and started off our morning with some really fun science! We cut the end off a plastic water bottle, covered it with a small towel, and dipped it into a bowl of soapy water. When we blew through the top part of the bottle, a long chain of bubbles started to form out the other end! We took turns blowing our very own “bubble snakes”, and then played with them until they popped. After science, we were lucky enough to blow up the bounce house and jump around! We had a great day playing out in the sun with our friends!

Blue and Green Squad

Today we combined the older groups as well, and started off our morning with some fire science! We decided to test the flammability of different substances. Our favorite object we tested was the mini marshmallow. It was flammable, and delicious! We spent our afternoon in the kitchen, baking pretzels, and also a very tasty triple berry cobbler! We finished off our camp day with some Freeze Dance, and Capture the Flag outside. We had a wonderful day at camp!

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