June 4, 2013


Red and Yellow Squad

Today our Red and Yellow Squads combined for summer camp, and we started off our day with a couple rounds of Freeze Dance to get all our morning jiggles out! Afterwards, we looked through some pictures of the kinds of masks you may find at fiestas, and decided to make our own paper plate versions! We used all kinds of colors, and finished off buy adding glitter to really make them stand out! For our afternoon, we decided to try our luck at baking, and worked together to make pretzels! We combined all the ingredients, and took turns rolling out our very own pretzel shapes. After they were finished in the oven, we tested them out and they tasted delicious! We finished off our day the same way we began, with a few rounds of Michael Jackson Freeze Dance, and then joined the rest of the camp for camp circle at the end of the day!

Blue Squad

We played so hard today! This morning we read Skippy Jon Jones for fiesta week and then we went outside and challenged each other during capture the flag.  Inside, we played some of our favorite games like frogger and four corners.  For science we saw who could blow the longest string of bubbles. It was awesome.  In the afternoon, we continued with games.  The students couldn’t get enough of capture the flag.  We also played freeze dance and hosted our own game show. It was a phenomenal day!

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