June 3, 2013


Blue and Green Squad

Today was all about dinosaurs.  We started off the day by constructing our very own time machine equipped with a custom made control center.  After we read a book about dinosaurs, we headed back to the triassic period.  Each student picked their own dinosaur to act as and we romped through the ancient terrain.  After we arrived back in 2013, we dug up dinosaur bones and put them together to make a skeleton.  Finally we colored pictures of our adventures to take home.  It was an exciting day!

Yellow Squad

Today we were lucky enough to be the Yellow Squad! We started off our morning with a science project where we mixed white glue, Borax soap, and warm water together to create our very own Gak! We loved squishing it between our fingers; it wasn’t like any play-dough or putty we had ever played with! After we finished up our science, we decided to celebrate Fiesta Week by making paper bag pinatas! We decorated the bags with all kinds of drawings and stickers, and even hung streamers off the bottoms! We put a little surprise inside, and tied the top with a string so later we could hang them up and bust them open! In the afternoon we played lots of games like Hot Potato, Freeze Dance, and we even played with the boats and the rubber toys in our little pool. It was a great first day at camp, and we finished off by making a list of all the activities we want to do throughout the rest of summer! We are excited!

Red Squad

Our first day at summer camp was focused on making new friends and learning the ropes.  The red group got to know one another by playing, singing, and dancing together.  We were able to play in the water with boats, pails, and lots of other toys.  For art, we made summer camp head bands, adorned with flowers.  We had such a wonderful day!

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