June 29, 2013

Red and Yellow Explorers

This morning we started things off outside.  We got the chalk and drew beautiful pictures all over the sidewalk so our school would look nice.  Then we played freeze dance to get our wiggles out.  Afterwards, we headed to the kitchen for some science.  Miss Shantel put ivory soap in the microwave and we guessed what would happen.  Much to our surprise, it expanded and looked like clouds.  It was so interesting!  In the afternoon we combined with the older group for water play.  It was so hot outside we didn’t want to come in!

Blue Explorers

Today we began our morning with a giant art project.  We laid paper on the stage and then dipped our hands in paint to make a beautiful rainbow art piece.   After we washed our hands off, we went for a super science nature walk.  We took nets and jars and searched for bugs.  Ryder and Cooper worked together to catch a flying stick bug.  After lunch, we joined the younger students for water play.  Our friend Simon donated a new slide today and we had so much fun playing on it.  We had a wonderful day!

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