June 27, 2013

Red and Yellow Explorers

This morning we prepared for our science experiment by making mad scientists hats.  We cut up paper and attached it to a head band to make the wackiest hats we could.  After we adorned our crazy head gear, we joined the older class and made our own bouncy ball using borax, glue, cornstarch, and water.  It was awesome!  In the afternoon, we set up the water slide and we even got a giant slip and slide to play on.  It was such a wonderful day!

Blue Explorers

Today we tried some brand new science experiments!  First, we made our own bouncy balls.  We mixed borax and water together then poured it over cornstarch and glue.  After rolling it into a ball, it bounced!  Next, we played with fire.  We dipped a cotton t-shirt that we had rolled into a ball in kerosene and lit it on fire.  The bottom of the ball was warm but not hot enough to burn so the explorers very carefully took turns touching the fire.  Our final science project was also a fire experiment.  We poured some boric acid powder in a dish and then poured methanol (heet) over it.  When we lit it on fire, the flame was bright green.  In the afternoon, we put up the water slides because it was so hot. We even put out a slip n’ slide out to run and slide on.  We had a magnificent day!

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