June 25, 2013

Blue Explorers

In the morning, the blue explorers learned all about density.  They gathered corn syrup, dish soap, regular syrup, water, and oil, then made a hypothesis on which liquids would be the most dense.  After testing our hypothesis, we found that corn syrup is the most dense, while oil is the least dense.  It was so interesting! For our next experiment, we tested how reactive yeast, soap, and hydrogen peroxide were.  When we mixed them all together it created tons of foamy goo that looked just like elephant toothpaste.  After science, we made oreo cookies because our favorite camp song is the oreo song.  We frosted them and got to eat them as a special treat after lunch.  In the afternoon, we played soccer and some of our favorite camp games.  It was an exciting day!

Yellow Explorers

Today the yellow explorers learned about the sun and how it’s a star.  Then they took paper plates and painted them yellow.  They cut up triangles of orange and yellow construction paper and attached them to the plates as the sun rays.  After art, we played some of our favorite camp games.  We even got to play in the kitchen and on the boat.  In the afternoon, we joined the blue explorers for cookies and played outside together.  It was such a fun day!

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