June 24, 2013


Red and Yellow Explorers

Today we started off our morning with lots of science! Our first experiment involved using a hair dryer to balance a ping pong ball in the air. We made it float, and even figured out how to make it bounce up and down without touching it at all! Next we created a density tower with different liquids to determine which one was the heaviest. We found out that corn syrup was the most dense. Our last science experiment was also our most nerve wracking as we covered a wooden skewer in oil and stuck it into a balloon to see if we could do it without making it pop. We were successful! After our morning of science, we went on a nature walk to collect stones to paint for our garden. We covered them in all sorts of colors and designs so when our plants bloom we can decorate! Our afternoon was spent outside playing in the water, and enjoying the sunshine with all of our friends. It was a great Monday at summer camp!

Blue and Green Explorers

This week is one of our favorite weeks, science week!  We started off the morning with a brand new science experiment to test how basic or acidic certain things are.  First, we cut up red cabbage into really small chunks.  Then we poured boiling water over the cabbage.  After ten minutes, we strained out the water which had turned deep purple.  We found a bunch of different things to test including milk, vinegar, baking soda, bleach, liquid starch, and acetone.  When we poured the cabbage water over all these things they changed different colors depending on their pH level.  The more red something turned meant it was acidic, blue was more neutral, and yellow and green was more basic.  It was so crazy to see everything change colors!  After science, we played tunnel tag outside and then came inside for a game of freeze dance.  In the afternoon we played in the water because the weather was absolutely beautiful.  We learned so much today!


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