June 20, 2013

Yellow Explorers

This morning, the yellow explorers got their wiggles out by playing some of their favorite camp games. They started off with some freeze dance then played duck, duck, goose.  Since it is sports week, for art they made their own sports equipment using construction paper, glue, and scissors.  Then they did a super special science experiment and made their own gak.  It was so gooey!

Blue and Green Explorers

This morning, Miss Kristen helped us make our own cups of gak.  First we mixed glue and water.  Next, each student picked out their own food coloring so our gak would be unique.  After we mixed all of those ingredients together, we added the special ingredient that makes gak so slimy, borax!  Each camper’s gak was different.  Some of the gak was super slimy, some was super bouncy, and all of it was a different color.  It was so exciting!  After science, we used paper plates to make sports balls.  Some of the campers made basketballs, while others made soccer or baseballs.  It was a very creative day!

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