June 17, 2013

Red Explorers

Today was such a beautiful day that the red explorers decided to spend the morning outside.  They played in the houses together and in the garden.  They even did an art project outside.  Miss Halina hung big pieces of paper on the fences and each student got their own paintbrush with their own color.  The explorers painted their color on three different pictures and when they were all done, it was one beautiful, cohesive picture.  It turned out lovely!  In the afternoon, we joined with the older explorers to play in the water.  It was so much fun!

Blue, Yellow, and Green Explorers

This week our theme is science.  We started off the morning with some of our favorite experiments.  We took dry ice, soap, and water to make giant dry ice bubbles that we took turns popping.   After we finished science, we moved onto a messy art project.  We laid paper down on the stage and dipped our feet in paint.  Then we stomped all over the paper to make a colorful collage.  To finish off the morning, we made homemade granola bars with oats, honey, bananas, and chocolate chips.  It was delicious!  In the afternoon, we set up the water-slides for water play. We had a wonderful day!

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