June 12, 2013



Red and Yellow Explorers

This morning was pretty chilly so we stayed inside and read The Lorax.  We learned all about the beautiful truffula trees that got chopped down.   We Loved the book so much that we decided to make our own lorax masks.  After we made our masks, we played our favorite camp games.  After lunch, we got to hop on the big, blue bus and drive to the city park.  We joined the older class and played all afternoon.  When we got back to the school, we played a giant game of freeze dance.  We played so hard today!

Blue and Green Explorers

Our book today was Where the Wild Things Are.  We listened to a dramatic reading of the book and then made our own wild thing masks.  They were absolutely terrifying with their horrible yellow eyes, their gnarled teeth, and their treacherous roars.  After reading and art, we did a quick science experiment before lunch.  We put baking soda in a cup, then added vinegar and watched the reaction.   We discovered that there was a bigger reaction when we put the vinegar in the cup first.  After lunch, we hopped on the bus with all the younger students and headed to the city park.  Miss Kristen taught us a new game called “fire in the forest” and we also played on all the cool playground equipment there.  It was an adventurous day!

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