June 10, 2013


Yellow Explorers

This week is book week.  The yellow squad read a lot of Dr. Seuss books today but One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish was their favorite.  After we finished reading, each student got to dip their hand in red and blue paint and then put their hand prints on a piece of paper. Then they turned their handprints into fish by adding eyeballs.  They also were able to make bubble art.  They started by making a soapy solution and then adding paint.  Then they blew through straws until the bubbles overflowed and landed on the paper.  It was such a neat art project.  In the afternoon, we got out the water slides and we all took turns sliding down them.  It was so much fun!

Blue Explorers

Today was all about Harry Potter.  We started off the morning by using the sorting hat to sort us into ravenclaw, gryffindor, hufflepuff, and slytherin.  After we were sorted, we made our own owls out of paper plates.  Then it was time to get our wands.  Each student got a special glow in the dark wand that was the same color as their group.  To test our wands out, we practiced putting magic spells on each other.  We played a Harry Potter version of freeze dance with our wands and winners were awarded points for their group.  In the afternoon, it was time to get brooms.  We practiced flying for a bit and when we felt confident, we competed in some games of quiddich.  Hufflepuff won the tournament and was awarded one hundred fifty points!  Finally, we joined the yellow squad in water play. It was such a magical day!

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