July 25, 2013

Yellow Explorers

The yellow explorers spent the morning creating a giant superhero art project.  We took old shoe boxes and painted them all different colors.  Then we took black squares and pasted them onto the shoe boxes to look like buildings.  We made clouds and a sun for the sky and put the buildings on the bottom to create a cityscape.  Finally, we put on our superhero capes and laid on our picture to make the illusion we were flying over the city.  It was so neat!  In the afternoon, we joined the older superheroes to play outside in the water.   Summer camp is a blast!

Blue and Green Explorers

This morning, Nick Fury stopped by with a special mission for the Avengers (students).  They had to destroy the ten most dangerous villains of all time by completing special tasks for each villain.  Before we began our battle, we got all our gear.  Each student picked which avenger they wanted to be and created a mask as well as weapons so they could be prepared. After everyone was ready, we worked together to bring down all the villains including Ultron.  All the Avengers worked super hard to save another day at summer camp!

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