July 24, 2013

Red Explorers

In the spirit of superhero week, the yellow group decided to practice their x-ray vision. It is hard work to use see through walls, but we did our best and then painted what we saw with white paint on some black paper. Along with some really talented x-ray visionaries, there are also some great painters in our group! After spending all our energy using x-ray vision, it was crucial to have some free, non-x-ray vision time.  It was a beautiful day so we spent some time swinging, running, jumping and climbing; all healthy activities for little superheroes. Today for science we made some gooey playdough, oobleck ooze.  The end result was a little questionable. Whatever it was, it was super fun and super messy. Then we had to clean up all that green gooey mess. But, hey, isn’t that a superhero’s job? To clean up messes?  All in all we had a really great day! Too bad it can’t be superhero week all the time.

Yellow Explorers

Today we began our morning with two very colorful science projects! We first learned about the absorbency of our paper towels by placing one end in a cup of red food coloring and the other in a cup of blue food coloring and watched as the colors raced up the ends. We picked our which color we thought would win, our cup of blue water seemed to soak up the best! Our next project involved glow sticks and water as we tried to see how water changed the strength of the stick’s glow. For art, we made our very own superhero capes to wear when we decided to fight crime! We finished off our day playing outside with our water play toys, and also a few special superhero games. Superhero week has been great so far!

Blue and Green Explorers

Today the students were accepted into Professor Xavier’s School for the Gifted.  Our first order of business was to create our superhero identities.  We did this by painting our faces to resemble our characters.  Next, we trained to use our powers for good. After training, we all received a yellow X on our arms to remind us we are united.  Unfortunately, some of our fellow X-men only wanted to use their powers for evil and they formed the Brotherhood of Mutants.  We spent the afternoon battling to find a cure for their evil mutant powers and luckily, we succeeded.  Another day saved at The Learning Academy!

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