July 23, 2013

Yellow Explorers

Today began with a science experiment.  We took a bottle that had a little bit of water in it.  Next, we made a small hole in the side of the bottle, put a straw in it, and sealed it with putty.  We placed a balloon that was full of air on top of the bottle and as the air tried to escape, water was pushed through the straw creating a water fountain.  It was a great demonstration of air pressure!  After science, the students picked their favorite superhero and then we painted our faces to resemble the superheroes.   Some students picked Superman, Batman, or Spiderman.  We even had Wonderwoman and Robin at camp today.  It was so much fun playing with our friends!

Blue and Green Explorers 

When Peter Parker was a teenager a radioactive spider bit him.  Throughout the years he has come into his own as Spiderman, one of the greatest superheroes ever.  He has battled many villains and conquered them all, but now disease threatens New York City.  A new strain of radioactive spider has been created and its venom quickly turns regular citizens into brainless, indestructible super-monsters.  With the disease spreading this fast, Spiderman can’t possibly bring all the super-monsters to justice.  His only hope is to find an antidote that can cure the brainwashing phenomenon and return his treasured home to the beautiful city it once was.

Mission Objective: Find the antidote

Spiderman Activity Rules

  1. Anyone “bitten” by a radioactive spider turns into one and continues to “bite” others
  2. Spiderman is the only one that can save radioactive spiders by “destroying” their brains and returning them to humans
  3. Spidervillian can never be saved by spiderman, only the antidote can save it
  4. No one can be bitten inside the fortress

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