July 22, 2013

Yellow Explorers

Today at summer camp we made some superhero face-masks! All the kids painted them to become whatever superhero they wanted. They turned out really great!

We had tons of energy like any good superhero should; we decided to do some superhero training with all that energy.  To get in tip top shape we ran through cones, rolled tires, crawled through tunnels, and had a contest to see who could throw the farthest.  We timed everyone and will see if they get any faster in the next couple of days! It’s our little experiment. Maybe by the end of the week we will all be faster, stronger superheros We will keep you posted!


Blue Explorers

The city of Gotham has fallen on hard times and the most notorious villains have assembled to take control of the citizens’ beloved home.  The streets are riddled with chaos and Police Commissioner Gordon has been taken as a hostage.  Bombs have been placed throughout the city as bargaining tools for the Joker and his team of hostile bandits.  Although he has been constantly signaled, no one has heard word of batman returning.  A city in shambles, the great people of Gotham once a resilient and faithful faction, have lost hope and have no choice but to satisfy the demands of the evil gang of rebels.


Batman is working feverishly to assemble his most trusted allies.  Although many of his associates are diligently fighting crimes elsewhere, they see how crucial their presence is required in Gotham.   Quickly they gather to take back the city Batman calls home.

Their objectives are

  1. Free Commissioner Gordon
  2. Locate and disarm the bombs
  3. Capture the villains
  4. Restore the city


As you can see we had a pretty demanding day

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