July 19, 2013

Yellow Explorers

The yellow group started the day by making safari/wilderness headbands they were awesome!  They were so cool we decided to show them off by wearing them outside for story time.  Hopefully everyone driving by noticed how great we all looked.  For science we did some taste testing.  We learned that we use our mouths, tongue, and saliva for tasting. We also learned that we use our eyes, and nose to help us taste.  To test this we used a blindfold and tried different kinds of jellybeans. And guess what!! With the blindfolds on the kids didn’t know what flavor they were eating. We also tried it with pears and apples, the result was the same.  Today seemed to fly by!! I guess when you are in survival mode; you don’t pay as much attention to time.

Blue and Green Explorers

We began this morning with a survival obstacle course.  We pretended we were deep in the jungle and we had to race to find our way out.  Ms. Kristen created a big obstacle course down the hallway and we raced as teams and individually.  It was so much fun!  After our obstacle course, we made wilderness survival headbands.  We braided cloth together and tied them around our heads so we would look like warriors.  Then we went outside and played warriors with one another.  In the afternoon, we joined all the explorers for some fun in the sun and water play.  It was a fabulous day!

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