July 18, 2013

Yellow and Red Explorers.

Today at camp we had a lot of fun with our art and science.  We made “goo,” and it consisted of cornstarch and water creating a mixture that demonstrated the properties of both a solid and a liquid state. The kids had fun playing with the goo and feeling the texture for themselves. As for art, we made fingerprint butterflies! I traced the hands of the children, and then they glued the eyes as well as decorated the butterflies with their choice of colored glitter. The afternoon was full of fun in the sun with water play.  We had a great day!

Blue and Green Explorers

In the morning, the students gathered for some science experiments.  We learned about air pressure! First, we tried blowing up a balloon inside a bottle only to find it was impossible because there was already too much air pressure in the bottle.  So to fix the problem, we punched holes in the bottle so the air could escape and successfully blew up a balloon.  We also learned about molecules expanding in heat and contracting in cold by crushing a can using only hot and cold water.  It was awesome!  After science, we practiced for a zombie apocalypse again because the students really love that game.  We built a fortress and assigned jobs.  Then, we gathered necessary equipment to survive.  After we had everything we needed, we looked for a zombie antidote while trying to avoid being bitten ourselves.  It was such an adventurous day!

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