July 16, 2013

Blue and Green Explorers

After a round of freeze dance this morning, the students got prepared for a zombie apocalypse because of survival week.  We built shelters and gathered supplies.  Then we played a zombie survival game.  One student was permanently deemed a zombie. Their job was to “bite” the other students to infect them.  The “civilians” used clues to look for a vaccine before they could be infected as well.  The first round, all the students were turned into zombies.  The second time we played, we successfully found a vaccine and saved the world! It was so much fun!  This afternoon was too cloudy for water play so we played outside without the water slides.  Then we came inside for some of our favorite camp games including frogger, freeze dance, hide and seek, and more!  It was a wonderful day!

Yellow Explorers

This morning, the yellow students joined the older explorers for freeze dance and snack.  Afterwards, they went on a sailboat adventure.  The explorers used milk crates to build a sailboat and hopped on board.  Then, Ms. Adrianna read a story on the sailboat about animals and they all tried to spot the animals she read about.  After they landed on dry land, they built their own sailboats using wood.  In the afternoon, they checked to see if the boats would float.  Summer camp is so much fun!

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