July 15, 2013

Blue and Green Explorers

The weekly theme is wilderness survival.  This morning, we went on a scavenger hunt to find interesting leaves.  When we all found some, we went inside to create an art project.   We laid the leaves down and placed paper over them.  Then we lightly colored over the top and the prints of the leaves appeared.  It was so neat!  We also drew a picture of our favorite place in the wilderness.  After art, we took our pictures and made a wilderness book complete with knot tying guides and wilderness safety tips.  Ms. Kristen helped us tie different types of knots. In the afternoon, we went outside for water play and joined the younger students for freeze dance.  It was such an adventurous day!

Yellow Explorers

Today for wilderness week we took a nature walk in the sunshine to see what sorts of plants, bugs, and other wildlife we could identify. We spotted several white butterflies, lots of grasshoppers, a ladybug, and a dragonfly! Also, there were plenty of wildflowers and birds to stop and look at. We had fun in arts and crafts creating balloon pets by attaching ribbons as leashes, gluing on eyes and noses, and adding personal artistic touches with markers! The kids really enjoyed making their “pets.” After lunch and quiet time we enjoyed a rambunctious round of freeze dance as a whole group before gearing up for water play. What an awesome day!


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