July 12, 2013

Yellow Explorers,

Today, camp began with a super glittery art project.  Each student picked something that they loved and used glue to draw it on construction paper.  After the glue was on the paper, we covered it in glitter.  When we dumped the glitter off the paper, it stayed on the glue.  The campers thought this was super neat! After art, we learned about static electricity.  We took balloons and rubbed them together.  When we moved the balloon close to our hair, the static electricity made it stand up. It was so silly! In the afternoon, we played camp games with all the campers including freeze dance, tunnel tag, and hide and seek. Finally, we played on the water slides. It was a wonderful day!


Blue and Green Explorers

We started our morning with some super cool science.  First, we sucked an egg into a bottle using only heat.  We did this by lighting a small fire in the bottle then covering it with and egg.  The heat inside the bottle created a vacuum and the egg was sucked in.  Since we were already using eggs, we put one in vinegar to learn about osmosis.  Eventually, the eggshell will soften and absorb the water through it.  We can’t wait!  For art, we joined the yellow class.  We drew a picture in glue then covered it with glitter.  It was so much fun.  In the afternoon, we all joined together to play camp games and have fun in the water.  Today was a blast!

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