July 1, 2013

Green and Blue Explorers

This week is Independence Week.  Today the green and blue explorers celebrated America by baking patriotic cookies.  First we mixed up some cookie dough and dyed some of it red and blue while leaving the last of it white.  After we baked them in the oven, we decorated the cookies with white and red frosting and topped it off with blue sprinkles.  They were absolutely scrumptious!  After baking, we went on a nature walk to the creek.  We looked at the flowers and tried to identify bugs.  It was so nice to explore in the morning.  During the afternoon it was so hot, we couldn’t wait to get out the water slides! We doubled up on sunscreen and played in the water with our friends.  Today was so much fun!

Red and Yellow Explorers

Today we painted patriotic flags with our hands. We used red, white, and blue and placed our hands in neat rows so our handprints would look just like a flag! After art, we read stories together, played lots of our favorite games, and enjoyed a fun bug hunt. Our explorers also had  fun spending some quality time with our bunny and guinea pigs. To finish off our great morning, we enjoyed a fantastic afternoon in the July sun with friends on the water slides!

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