Lower School

Tracks one through three focus on enhancement of reading, writing and conventions, spelling skills, math concepts, science, geography and exploration of the world around them. 

Language Arts

Letter formation and writing development, reading fluency and comprehension, sight words, speech exercises, rhyming, poetry, phonemic awareness, and writing conventions.

In practice:  Authoring hardcover children’s books, journaling, short stories, drafting and recitation of poetry, biographies.


Number formation, number sense, whole to parts, mental math, skip counting, the four processes, math facts, place value, measurement, money, time

In practice:  Cooking and baking, shopping in the school store, building and modeling.

Science and Social Studies

Continents and oceans, local flora and fauna, life cycles, interconnectedness, community involvement


Reading comprehension quizzes, math assessments, STAR Math and Reading assessments, portfolios, rubrics, effective, learning focused feedback on assignments and testing


Exploration of color and medium, sculpture, form drawing, design


Physical Education, Drama, Spanish, Mindfulness, Culinary Arts, Technology, Skiing and Snowboarding, Ice Skating, Swimming, Hiking and Biking


Monthly field trips and outings, year end class trip to various destinations in the Northwest (Boise, Salt Lake City, Bozeman, etc.)

More about Expeditions

It is so comforting to send my children to school each day confident that they are individually being guided to reach their highest potential.  

Sarah McKellar