Dear Learning Academy Summer Camp Families,
We hope this finds you well. We are looking forward to finally seeing your smiling faces soon! Below please find an outline of policy and procedure updates for our upcoming camp which is scheduled to open on June 1. Thank you for reading this information carefully so that we can keep all of our families safe and healthy this summer!

  • First and foremost, if your child, anyone in your home, or any person that you are in frequent contact with has exhibited any signs or symptoms of COVID-19, please do not send your child to camp.
  • Please teach and/or remind your child of what they can do to keep themselves and others around them safe. Keep hands off of faces, keep distance from other students and teachers, wash and sanitize hands frequently, sneeze or cough into elbows, etc.
  • Please wash all items that come to camp with your child frequently. (towels, lunchboxes, water bottles, etc.)
  • Frequented surfaces will be sanitized three times daily.
  • Nap cots will be set up with students head to toe and distanced from each other.
  • All toys with soft surfaces, dress up items, pillows, etc. have been removed from student use and only hard items that can be disinfected regularly will be available for student play.
  • Lunch and snack times will be in individual classrooms or outdoor spaces rather than common areas and students will be distanced.
  • Outdoor play times will be staggered for the different classes.
  • Group sizes will be limited based on age group.
  • Camp enrollment may be limited once we see what attendance totals will be.

In the event that there is another mandatory closure due to COVID-19, there will be no refunds, credits or exchanges offered for prepaid, pre-registered days. Drop-ins are always welcome if you would rather not assume this risk. If you would like to fill out a calendar with potential drop-in days so that your child is assured a space in the camp and pay on a weekly basis, that option is now available. All camp payments will be due on the first day of camp.

Upon arrival at school, you will be greeted outside by a staff member where you will transfer your child into our care. We will then offer them hand sanitizer before they enter the building. Parents will not be allowed in the building at this time to further reduce contact.

Thank you for your continued support of The Learning Academy! We look forward to seeing you soon!