Upper Elementary

Our upper elementary program consists of grades three through eight. These classes delve deeply into all subject areas with a focus on independence, critical thinking and doing one’s best work. Core curriculum includes social studies and history, literature, language arts, mathematics and science with a focus on developing writing and public speaking skills. Spanish, music, art and physical education classes enrich the core curriculum. Classes include technology as a part of individual subjects and with computers available right in the classroom, students can work individually at their own pace on designated tasks and projects. Miss Kristin’s students can be found wading in streams to find macroinvertebrates, working on large group projects, talking multi-day trips, writing plays and books and journaling from the perspective of a colonist in the New World. You may find them in Teton Canyon gathering information for their local guidebooks, giving a speech for their presidential election campaign or painting like Vincent Van Gogh. These older students gain respect for themselves, others and the world around them through the myriad of lessons, field trips and projects they encounter.