Our Pre-kindergarten program combines the early learning of letters and sounds, numbers and science concepts with imaginative play and focused discovery. Students thrive in an atmosphere where they are free to engage their curiosities and find their love of learning while in a comfortable, yet structured environment. Art projects, science experiments, motor-skill development, letter-centered activities, games and self-exploration fill your preschooler’s week and enrich their young minds. A peek into the Pre-Kindergarten area will show you a world of hands-on activities and free-choice play. Most activities are Montessori-based and each activity opens a door for your child to explore. They may become a princess from the dress-up rack, a pirate on the high seas aboard the indoor ship, a builder of blocks, a musician on the chimes, bells, drums and whistles, a sorter of beans and bugs, or a mommy or daddy in the kitchen! Miss Halina introduces our scholars to a world of books and the letters and sounds that create these stories. Miss Halina whips out the paints, crayons, scissors, paper and glue to set creative minds to work and can be found making volcanoes and geysers erupt with her little scientists.