Lower Elementary

Kindergarten, first and second grade make up our lower elementary program. This program combines both the learning and enhancement of reading, writing and spelling skills, math concepts, science, geography and exploration of the world around us through focused discovery centers, group and individual lessons. Students also have regular Spanish, physical education, art and music classes. Students are given the tools they need to be successful learners and thinkers and often achieve well beyond their grade level due to the uninterrupted continuum with which they are allowed to work. A glimpse into Miss Dani’s classroom will reveal students who love reading so much that they are buried in books in their fun reading areas like James’s peach and the bathtub! Hands-on math games and manipulatives are splayed on the floor with anxious number crunchers gathered around. Students are on computers, playing learning games, and writing stories. You may bump into Burger, the giant bunny, as he hops about the room. You might catch them playing their recorders or creating art that coincides with their read-aloud. Whatever place you find them, you are guaranteed to find them learning!