June 13, 2013

Green and Blue Explorers

This morning we played hide and seek freeze dance to get our energy up for camp.  Then we read a couple chapters from the book, The Bad Beginning.  After we read, Miss Kristen let us watch a short clip from the movie so we could get some inspiration for our art project.  We used construction paper, colored pencils, and crayons to create scenes from the book or characters that stood out to us.  In the afternoon, it was so sunny and nice, we had to play in the water.  The boys had a water fight and the girls played on the water slides.  It was a super exciting day!

Yellow Explorers

Today the yellow explorers continued the Dr. Seuss extravaganza!  We love Dr. Seuss’s crazy rhymes so much we read The Cat in the Hat with Ms. Halina. After we finished, we made our own “Things” just like Thing 1 and Thing 2 in the book.  Next we learned about magnets.  We took a giant magnet and put it in a jar with a bunch of cut up pipe-cleaners.  The pipe-cleaners stuck to the magnet wherever we moved it.  It was so neat!  To finish off the day, we celebrated the sun finally coming out by playing in the water.

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